Department Club  Activities 


Activities held in August 2018

        1.E& Y Financial Modelling Session held on 28th

 Activities held in January 2019    

  1. BREAK THE ENIGMA- Mudra Club  Session held on 16th

Activities held in February 2019   

  1.  "PIRATES OF  HR"- Hawthrone-  HR Club session held on 4th
  2.   KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK - MSM Club Session held on 6th
  3.   FINANCE TRIVIA- Mudra Club held on 11th  
  4.   FINANCERO-Finance Festival held on 15th 


Activities held in March 2019   

       1.    Workshop on Women Empowerment by JOSHTALK -E-Cell session held on 11th

       2.    Guest Lecture on Block Chain and its Adoption held on 18th

Activities held in August 2019

  1.   MSM-Orientation held on 26th Aug
  2.   FUN TRIVIA -Mudra, The Finance Club of MAIT on 28th Aug
  3.   LOGO MANIA -MSM, The Marketing Club of MAIT on  29th  Aug

Activities held in Feb 2021

       1.   MSM- Marketing Quiz for Second Semester students on 10thFeb 

Activities held in June 2021

        1. HR-Club - HAWTHORNE " INHIBITION REMOVAL & CONFIDENCE BUILDING" for Second Semester Students on 7th June  

Activities held in July 2021

        1.Finance Club  - Online Competition "FINANCIAL CLIFF" held on 1st July 

 Activity held in May 2023

        1. Mudra - A Finance Club-"Career Opportunities in Stock Market" held on 3rd May 

        2. Mudra - A Finance Club - Fin  O Housie held on 8th May 

 Activity held in Oct  2023

         1. MSM:A Marketing Club Activity "KAUN BATAYEGA BRAND" held on 19th Oct 2023

         2. MSM A Marketing Club Activity " The Ad Mad Show " held on 26th Oct 2023

         3.  HR-Club - HAWTHORNE : "The Role -Play Battle" held on 25th Oct 2023

         4. HR-Club -  HAWTHORNE: Treasure Titans  held on 27th Oct 2023

         5. MSM : Marketing Club " Puzzle Mania" held on 27th Oct 2023


Activity held in Feb 2024

       1. MSM: Marketing Club " AI powered Digital Marketing and Data Science" held on 12th Feb 2024